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Hell, every other pairing under the sun has its own Livejournal comm, why not us Sandcest shippers? XD

This community is devoted to the relationship between the three Naruto characters known as the Sand Siblings -- Gaara, Temari, and Kankurou -- and any romantic permutation thereof. GaaTema, GaaKan, KanTema, GaaKanTemaWTF, it's all welcome here. (Any other member of the Sand family is welcome to play too, though we must admit a certain shudder at the thought of GaaKanTemaKazekageKaruraYashamaruWTF.) Feel free to post fics, pics, links, speculation, questions, whatever you please.

While you're here, there are only four rules you need to abide by:

1. Spoilers, as well as hentai/lemon/explicit material, should go behind a lj-cut. (How to make a lj-cut and other Livejournal tags) Most DEFINITELY cut for anything going on in the most recent manga chapters.
2. You may post post links to fanart sites you like or to pages for works hosted on the creator's own DeviantArt/y!gallery/Sheezyart/etc. gallery.
You may not post directly hotlinked fanart images or fanart images uploaded to Photobucket/Tinypic/whatever without the fanartist's direct written permission. THIS INCLUDES JAPANESE FANART.
Do not post fanart here unless you know who the artist is, can credit them by name, and have their WRITTEN PERMISSION. Otherwise, don't post it at all. We mean it. The fastest way to make a fanartist stop drawing the stuff we love forever is to steal their work and repost it everywhere without their permission!!!
3. Keep on topic. Non Sandcest or Sand family-related posts should go elsewhere, to private communication or perhaps to another LJ community.
4. Be respectful of other community members. Flames and personal attacks are not permitted and will earn you an immediate ban.

Oh, also:
If You Want to Advertise on sandcest

Don't join just to advertise your comm. That's pretty tacky. A certain amount of plugging and pimping is okay, but we don't like spammers around these parts. Advertising on this comm is a privilege reserved for people who are already here reading/participating because they like Sandcest.

Advertisements need to have something to do with Sandcest or Sunagakure in general ("our game needs a Gaara/Temari/Kankurou/whoever" type requests are fine). I would prefer that RPGs where Sandcest is disallowed are not advertised on this comm. Go to sandkids or something instead.

So, if you've got any questions, your moderator is duelist. Feel free to give her a poke over email or AIM or whatever. That said, go forth and have fun! Shoo!

Oh, and have a look at our C2 archive on Fanfiction.net :)



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